Fireplaces Before Faucets

In order to provide an accurate quote, we need to have:

  • Detailed house plans
  • Identified parcel of land with house seat determined
  • Foundation type and covering, floor coverings, interior trim, windows, exterior siding, driveway, heat type

(The quote will be fine-tuned based on owner’s preferences for details about appliances, fixtures, etc. Then a contract can be established and construction can begin.)

During construction of most homes, the following items must be picked out by the homeowner according to this timeline to prevent construction delays.

During foundation work/at beginning of framing:

  • Window and exterior doors selected. Each brand of window/door has a different installation size that must be accounted for during the framing. Sometimes windows and exterior doors take several weeks to arrive once ordered, so the sooner the better!
  • Fireplace must be identified so that the opening can be framed according to the final product.
  • Kitchen and bathroom layouts. What we mean by this is the “map” of how these will layout with cabinets. We don’t need the exact cabinets or appliances but do need to know where they will go.
  • If shower/tub combos will be installed, this must be done during framing.
  • Foundation covering should be determined. So many options! Brick, stone or stucco.

When framing work is wrapping up:

  • Shingles and exterior siding must be ordered.
  • Finish details of porches and decks must be selected.
  • Windows, exterior doors and doorknobs will be installed at this time.
  • Cabinets typically require several weeks lead time so now is the time to be choosing your cabinets for your kitchen and bathrooms so that they can be ordered and will arrive in time for their installation. Although countertops and hardware (cabinet knobs, etc.) do not need to be ordered yet, they are usually selected simultaneously to coordinate with the cabinets.

During rough-in:

  • Homeowner should do a walk-through with electrician and contractor to determine multiple selections:
    • Locations of outlets and switches including exterior electrical fixtures.
    • Cable TV and land-line telephone jacks.
    • Can light locations
    • Bathroom vent fans
  • A walk-through should also be done with the HVAC tech to determine locations of heat/AC registers, return air and thermostat. Furnace will be installed.
  • Before plumber can start,
    • All bathtubs must be on site ready to be installed
    • Shower and tub fixtures must be selected because corresponding valves will be installed at this time
    • Locations of hose bibs on the exterior of your home should be identified
  • Fireplaces must be on site for installation during the HVAC rough-in
  • Exterior paint/stain can be done at this time

After rough-in

  • Mantel and hearth are installed


  • Tile is installed in floors and showers
  • Unfinished hardwoods are installed


  • Cabinets are installed, including kitchen hardware, etc.
  • Countertops are ordered once cabinets are installed.

Interior doors, interior trim, and countertops

  • Interior doors will be installed
  • Detailed plans are needed for baseboards, window trimming, crown molding, chair rails, built-in shelving, etc.
  • Countertops installed

Interior walls and finishes are painted and/or stained

Plumbing set out

  • Sinks, faucets, toilets, dishwasher, disposal, and dishwasher installed

Electrical trim-out

  • Outlet and switch covers, overhead lights, ceiling fans, doorbell, and range hood are installed. Exterior light fixtures are installed.

HVAC trim-out

  • Outdoor HVAC unit is installed. Heat vent register covers are installed. Thermostat is installed.

Interior Hardware

  • Doorknobs installed (interior and exterior if dummy knob was used). Mirrors, towel hooks, etc. installed. Closet shelving installed, including kitchen pantry.

Last Flooring

  • Pre-finished hardwood is installed. Carpet is installed. Laminate flooring is installed.
  • Unfinished hardwood will be sanded and several coats of finish applied.

Refrigerator and Stove Installed

This is an exciting time! Many people love to select these items so their home reflects their style and who they are. Others find this to be overwhelming and frustrating with so many choices to be made. We are here to help and want to make this process as smooth as possible.

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