We want to ensure things are done right and as agreed. That’s why we take the consultation process step by step! This part of your build is important to us so we can get on the same page about all of the aspects of your new home. From design and price to timeline and expectations, we take our time getting to know you and the details of your home.

STEP ONE: Where does it all begin? It typically starts with a phone call or meeting with Zach to discuss your interests and ideas. We call this the Consultation phase. At this point, we want to hear from you about the goals you have for your home. The more specific you can be the better! Some customers already have a plot of land and a full set of architectural plans while others have only a general idea of where they might want to buy and maybe a few ideas about what they want to include in their home. No matter where you fall on this spectrum we can help! Zach can provide the guidance and general information needed to help work towards our next step. If you haven’t worked with an architect then our in house design expert can speak with you to create a home plan designed to suit your needs.

STEP TWO: The next step is the big question everyone wants to know — how much will it cost me? In order to provide the estimate, we will need house plans and a general description of the land on which the house will be built. For example, a steep mountainside lot requires a different foundation than a perfectly flat lot. We want to take all of the details into consideration so we can provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. It’s also important to let us know if you have any specific details you want for your home that might not be included in the plans. The estimate is a rough draft and non-binding.

STEP THREE: When you feel comfortable with the estimate then we move forward to making it a quote. At this time, Zach will need to make a field trip to the lot to see it in person. The quote will be more detailed to the actual price of building your new home. We will need the official finalized plans as well. Along with the quote, we will provide the terms of building the house, insurance coverage, and proposed start date. This quote can be revised until both you and Zach are happy with what’s outlined.

STEP FOUR: The exciting part – signing! Once the quote is agreed upon, an official contract agreement can be signed. If you are financing the cost of your new home through a bank, this document will be an important component of your loan. Once we have gone to contract, we can begin the process of building your home!

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