Here’s what people are saying about working with Zach and Corner Rock Building Company:

“Zach, at Corner Rock, built me a wonderful ‘aging-in-place’ home at the Gold Level Net Zero Certification. It exceeded my expectations.”

“He was a joy to work with. It was virtually a stress-free experience.”

“Tremendous attention to detail.”

Here are some excerpts from our customer feedback surveys:

What is it like to work with Zach?

“Excellent and satisfying. He kept in touch with us at every stage of planning and construction and sought our opinions whenever there was a choice to be made. We didn’t have to mention anything twice because he remembered everything we had discussed. His advice was unfailingly good.”

“Best way to sum this up is to say that if we had the opportunity to do this again with him, we’d do it in a heartbeat.  He listens to everything you say, and sometimes he might think it’s a bit odd, but he is respectful, offers considerations and options, and leaves the decision to you.  That’s not to say that if it’s a bad idea he won’t say so, but it’s always in a constructive manner – ‘Well, what would you think about this?’ We did the entire build from afar by ‘teleworking’, with only 3 visits to the site during the construction.  We communicated by phone and email, and Zach kept us apprised of progress by sending us photos and even a video.”

“Frequent communication during building, knowledgeable about where to purchase materials, very friendly and his team is great!”

“Working with Zach and his crew was a pleasure. He offered some wonderful ideas and fulfilled our requests without question. His team was on top of the project from start to finish.”

Why did you choose Zach to build your home?

“When we first began looking at lots, Zach was introduced to us and we viewed some of the homes he had built.  We liked him immediately, and were impressed with the quality of his work.  When we sat down and discussed our plans with him, he was very engaged and seemed like someone we’d enjoy working with.  We spoke with other people who had worked with him, and everyone gave him rave reviews.”

“Quality of workmanship.”

“We chose Corner Rock Building Company because of the quality of workmanship compare to other local builders.”

“Having built many homes over the years, we were very satisfied with Zach’s construction techniques and quality.”

“I chose Corner Rock to build my home because they have a reputation for quality green-built construction.”

How would you describe the quality of the construction work?

“Outstanding. The house is so well-insulated and so ‘tight’ that it has a very favorable energy rating. Our total expenses for cooking, water heating and climate control are barely half what we spent at a former residence.”

“Top shelf: Tremendous attention to detail.  Won’t stop until he gets it exactly the way you or he wants it.”

“The quality of construction was exceptional. We chose to do extensive woodwork inside our home and it turned out extraordinary.”

“Overall, I am very satisfied with the quality of work.”

Would you recommend Zach to other customers?

“Yes.  He was a joy to work with.  It was virtually a stress-free experience.”

“We’d have no hesitation recommending him to other prospective customers. Zach is a consummate professional, adept at managing multiple projects with incredible attention to detail, and while maintaining strong and professional relations with the workmen and craftsmen who work on the building and finishing of the homes he builds. He’s a delight to work with; his enjoyment of the work he does and the process is part of the reason he’s so good at it!”

“Yes. I moved in when I expected to and the frequent consultations with the builder made my experience effortless.”

“We would absolutely recommend Corner Rock Building Company for the quality of workmanship, attention to detail, and patience with us through the whole process.”

“I would absolutely recommend Corner Rock. My home turned out to be even better than I anticipated!”