Zach Banks working with customerAfter we establish a contract, we get to build!  This is the fun part!  We love to build homes, and we want you to enjoy the process too!  Our commitment to good communication with you means you will be confident and comfortable.

You and Zach will be in frequent communication during the construction of your home.  Additionally,  you will have a monthly “check-in” meeting in order to thoroughly review the progress that has been made so far and the upcoming steps.

Building a custom home requires that homeowners make a LOT of choices.  We work hard to take the stress out these choices and to make it enjoyable for you.  Corner Rock clients receive a document called “Fireplaces before Faucets.”  This tool outlines what selections should be made at certain progress points along the way.  (For example, fireplace selections are needed early in the process, while kitchen sink selections are not needed until near the very end.)  As an experienced custom home builder, Zach will provide you with the amount of guidance on these selections that makes you feel comfortable.

The meetings and frequent communication we have with our customers while their homes are being built ensures that they feel confident during the entire process.

Contact us today for more information about building your beautiful, comfortable, uncommon home with Corner Rock Building Co.