Building a new home can be stressful and complicated, but here at Corner Rock Building Company, we eliminate all the stress that comes with home building. We take the time to make you feel at ease throughout the entire process. Building with Corner Rock is simple and straightforward. From our excellent communication to our frequent “check-in” meetings, you will always feel comfortable from start to finish.

We have condensed our building processes into two parts. First, we have our clients arrive from consultation to contact. Second, after a contract is established, you get to build! Read below for more detailed information regarding these steps:

 Consultation to Contract


Every house we build is unique, because our customers are unique and consequently, no two customers will have the exact same experience when building their home with us. We are committed to making sure that all of our customers have a home building experience that is beautiful, comfortable, and uncommon. The key to this success is excellent communication. First, we have to arrive at a contract agreement. This process usually involves these steps:

  1. Consultation (phone call or meeting)
  2. Estimate
  3. Quote
  4. Contract Agreement

It usually starts with a phone call or meeting with Zach.  He will hear from you about your goals for your new home. The more specific you can be with your questions, the more accurate his answers will be. Some customers already have a plot of land and a full set of architectural plans. Some folks have only general ideas of where they might like to buy land and no certain house plan in mind. Zach can give you general information and guidance until you reach the point that you are ready for an estimate.

In order to give an estimate, Zach needs to have your house plans (in the old days they called these blueprints) and a general description of the land on which the house will be built.  For example, a steep mountainside lot requires a different foundation than a perfectly flat lot.  This estimate is not binding; it’s more of a “rough draft” quote. The more specific you can be with your information (i.e. metal roof vs shingles, etc.), the more accurate Zach’s estimate will be.

The next step would be a detailed quote for the actual price of building your new home.  In order to prepare a quote, Zach must make a visit to the future house site and have detailed house plans.  The quote will come to you as an emailed document, and will also cover the terms of building the house such insurance coverage, etc.  It will also include a start date.  Typically, Zach and the customer will make revisions until both sides are happy.  Once agreed, an official contract agreement is signed.  If you are financing the cost of your new home through a bank, this document will be an important component of your loan. Once we have gone to contract, we can begin the process of building your home!


 Building your Home


After we establish a contract, we get to build. This is the fun part! We love to build homes and we want you to enjoy the process too! Our commitment to hard work and good communication means you will be confident and comfortable throughout the entire building process. Zach will be in frequent communication with you during the construction of your home from start to end. Additionally, you will have a frequent “check-in” meetings in order to thoroughly review the progress that has been made so far and the upcoming steps.

Building a custom home requires that homeowners make a lot of selections. We work hard to take the stress out of these choices. Corner Rock clients receive a document called “fireplaces before faucets.” This sheet outlines what selections should be made at certain progress points along the way. For example, fireplace selections are needed early in the process, while kitchen sink and faucet selections are not needed until near the very end.

As an experienced custom home builder, Zach will provide you with the amount of guidance on these selections that will make you feel completely comfortable throughout the process. The meetings and over-the-phone communications are frequent to ensure your confidence in the construction of your new home. Contact Zach Banks for more information on building your home with Corner Rock Building Company!