Corner Rock Creek mossy boulders tree roots Jens' picDeep within the Blue Ridge mountains, near Asheville, North Carolina, is a special place called Corner Rock Creek.  Its mossy boulders, crystal-clear pools, and lush surroundings make it worth the trek off the beaten path.  Whether you are there for the trout or just to get away, you can’t help but feel comfortable in its simple beauty.


kids relaxing at Corner Rock CreekCorner Rock Creek is an uncommon place. We decided to start a building company just as unique and beautiful as our most treasured place. We take a practical, no-nonsense approach to home building. We meet the challenge of each new home with the skill that can only be gained from years of experience.  At Corner Rock Building Company, our commitment to hard work and communication ensures our clients that they will be confident and comfortable throughout the entire home building process.


Our company’s founder, Zach Banks, has been building homes in the Asheville area since 2002.  Zach grew up on a local farm where he acquired an appreciation for hard work and common sense. A graduate of NC State University, Zach began his career as part of a framing crew and worked his way up to becoming a fully licensed general contractor. Consequently, he understands the “nuts and bolts” of building a home. While these days his most useful tool is his laptop, he still enjoys the feel of a hammer in his hand. When Zach isn’t working, he can be found spending time with his wife and young kids, perhaps on a hike, at a ball game, or at church. On really special days, he’s fishing Corner Rock Creek.

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